51 Show your care and build genuine connections with clients and customers by giving them the best customer and client appreciation gifts in

51 Show your care and build genuine connections with clients and customers by giving them the best customer and client appreciation gifts in

Recognizing employees is a great way to motivate and reward them.

These programs have many benefits that go beyond your team and reach out to customers. The SnackNation team has updated their guide for setting up employee recognition programs this year.

A company can create and sustain an environment of purposeful striving, drive and dedication, and keep its employees from leaving for the 73% who are considering quitting their job.

This article will introduce you to various employee recognition programs. As a bonus, it will also show you how to create your own recognition programs that you can implement within your company.

Recognizing and showing appreciation for employees’ work is a way to encourage and reinforce positive behavior.

According to the Conference Board, “Low employee engagement can cost companies $450 billion to $500 billion each year.”

It is not an easy task to set up a solid employee engagement recognition program. It requires company-wide commitment and deliberate effort. We are here to help you engage and recognize your employees in 2022.

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Why is it important for employees to be recognized?

Companies have spent many years putting all their competitive energy into creating products and services and eventually winning their markets.

There is a lot of evidence to support employee recognition, and there are more corporate insights and data than ever before. Employee recognition programs are essential for companies that want to win customers and retain the best employees.

What are the advantages of having an employee recognition program in your company?


Higher employee engagement Employees feel valued, more motivated, and feel that their work is important, which in turn increases their motivation.

Reducing employee turnover Employee recognition programs can help to reduce turnover by as much as 50% and reduce burnout. This is partly because employees feel more valued and part of a larger community. Top performers are given new opportunities and employees feel more connected to the company.

Unify your company’s culture – Employee recognition programs focus on strategic value. They reinforce what a company strives for in terms of values and culture, as well as engagement. Positive behaviors are reinforced by the program.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction – Employees who feel valued are more likely to do extra for customers. This often leads to higher satisfaction scores. Employee recognition is crucial to creating positive customer experiences and ensuring long-term business success.

Reduced stress and absenteism A Harvard Business Review study found that employees who are given regular recognition are more likely than others to feel happier and more satisfied with their jobs. They also tend to be less likely to suffer from stress and anxiety, and less likely take sick days.

These 10 steps will help you set up and optimize employee recognition programs at work in 2022. We also recommend the top 5 employee recognition platforms.

Ten Steps to Building an Effective Employee Recognition Program

Step 1 — Define the reason you’re creating a recognition programme


Recognizing employees is a key part of every business. Employee appreciation programs can help increase motivation and morale, which will lead to higher work quality and greater productivity. Happy employees will stay longer, which can save you time and money on training and recruiting new staff.

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This step is crucial to building your recognition programme: It’s essential to clearly define the purpose of creating a recognition program. What are your goals? What type of behavior would you like to see?

Tip Set clear goals to ensure your employee recognition program is successful and effective.


Step 2 — Get feedback from your employees, HR leaders, and executive team about your program.

Employee Recognition is crucial to keeping a happy workforce. It can be difficult to design a recognition program that is effective. It is crucial to get feedback from all levels of the company in order to ensure that your recognition program meets the needs of employees.

An additional resource to assist you: Culture and

This step is crucial to building your recognition program. HR leaders and executive team members can give insight into program effectiveness, as well as how it aligns with company goals. Employees are the best experts in what kind of recognition they value, so it is crucial to get their feedback before you start tweaking your program. Gathering feedback from all stakeholders will allow you to design an employee recognition program that suits the needs of your entire company.

Tip Group determine whether you have a budget and how to get maximum organizational buy-in. Also, consider how the program will fit into your company culture.


Step 3 — Examine how the program will impact different types of employees


Happy employees are vital for any company’s success, as every business owner will tell you. They are more productive and more likely to stay with the company for the long-term. A strong recognition program for employees is one way to keep them happy.

It is important to think about how different employees will be affected by the program. Extroverts might be more comfortable with public recognition than introverts. However, extroverts can thrive off it. You should also consider how employees will receive recognition. While some may prefer to receive private praise from their bosses, others might appreciate more public recognition.

Businesses can make sure that employee recognition programs are effective by taking the time to get to know the needs of all employees.

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This step is crucial to building your recognition program. Managers and companies must be able account for all types of employees, from remote to in person, specialist to generalist, and other because each one needs to be treated with nuance.

Tip Make sure you recognize employees for remote employees, in-office workers, temp workers, and contract employees.


Step 4 – Research employee recognition programs


Recognizing employees is key to creating a positive workplace environment and keeping employees motivated.

It can be overwhelming to choose from the many recognition tools. It is important to assess your company’s needs and determine the type of recognition that you wish to offer. You might consider a platform that allows employees redeem points for prizes if you want to reward your employees for individual accomplishments.

You might also consider a platform that allows you to announce or give shout-outs to your managers if you are looking to recognize group effort. Once you know what you want, you can start looking into employee recognition platforms. Before making a final decision, make sure you read reviews online and compare prices. You can make sure that your employees feel valued and motivated by taking the time to find the right platform.

Another resource to assist you: See some top-rated platforms…

This step is crucial to building your recognition program. It is important to research employee recognition platforms because each organization has unique needs. Each platform offers a unique way to meet those needs with a specific set of features.

Tip Learn about the advantages of using recognition tools. Are they offering a free trial? You can use cost analysis to find the best value.


Step 5 — Try your program out with a small group of people in your organization before you introduce it to the entire company.


Recognizing employees is key to retaining a productive and happy workforce, as any company knows.

It not only boosts morale but also gives employees a tangible incentive to work hard and achieve excellence. It can be difficult to design an effective employee recognition program. You can test your program with a small group of people before introducing it to the entire company. You can identify potential issues and adjust the program before you introduce it to a larger audience.

You can improve your chances of success by taking the time to evaluate your employee recognition program and make sure that your employees are appropriately recognized for all their hard work.

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This step is crucial to building recognition programs: It is important to assess whether the change is scaleable, especially in corporate settings. It will not work in a growing company if it cannot be scaled.

Tip To see the effectiveness of your employee recognition program in action, create an employee focus group. It is important to test before implementing.


Step 6 — Start your program!


There are several things you need to do if you want to start an employee recognition program. You will first need to determine the goals of your program. What are your goals? Do you want to improve morale, communication, and productivity? After identifying the goals for your program, it’s time to create a plan to reach them.

What activities are you planning to include? What frequency will you host recognition ceremonies? Who will organize the program? Now you are ready to launch your employee appreciation program. Remember that employee recognition is an ongoing process. Be prepared to make adjustments as needed to ensure your program meets its goals.

An additional resource to assist you: Why Employee Recognition is Important?

This step is crucial to building your recognition programme: It is not worth all the preparation and research if you don’t want to launch your recognition program. You don’t have to be timid about letting it fly. Launching doesn’t necessarily mean that your recognition program is complete.

Tip Remember that recognition of employees is an ongoing process. Be prepared to adapt your program as needed to meet its goals.


Step 7 — Promote your program to the company Create excitement


Recognizing employees is a great way for you to show them that you appreciate their hard work. These programs are only successful if they’re well-marketed within the company. First, ensure that all employees are aware of the program. Employees should be made aware of the program and provided with regular updates about its progress.

It will keep them motivated and engaged to take part in the program. It is important to recognize and honor employees who have contributed significantly to the success of the program. These steps will ensure your employee recognition program is successful and remains popular.

Another resource to assist you: Send your program via a resource such as Kazoomonday.com

This step is crucial to building your recognition program. Your appreciation programme will only be as effective as the number and the amount of people who know about it.

Tip – Promote the program via company-wide communication channels such as email and posters or video announcements.


Step 8 — Include training in your program to provide employees with the knowledge, tools, and encouragement they need to give it a shot.


A happy workplace is one that employees feel valued and supported. Employee recognition programs are one way to create this environment.

These programs can boost morale and increase job satisfaction but they must be well-designed. Include training opportunities to maximize the impact of your employee appreciation program. This will help employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need to give and receive recognition.

Your employee recognition program can make a huge impact on creating a positive work environment by using the right ingredients.

Additional resources to assist you: Leapsome

This step is crucial to building your recognition programme. Take extra care as employees will feel more at ease, which will make your program stronger. To get full buy-in, you should start onboarding new employees as soon as possible.

Tip – Encouragement and support should be provided by management. This will create an culture that values employees and encourage them to take part in the program.


Step 9 — Survey your employees


Employers need to be aware of employee morale. You can do this by asking your employees to rate your employee recognition program. Recognizing employees’ hard work and accomplishments is the purpose of employee recognition programs.

They can be frustrating if not properly designed or implemented. You can gather feedback from your employees about what works well and what needs improvement.

The program can then be modified based on this information. You can also use the surveys to help identify potential issues before they become a problem. Regular surveys are an important part of maintaining a successful employee recognition program.

An additional resource: The Best Employee Survey Software Tools

This step is crucial to building your recognition program. Recognition programs for employees are constantly being tested, partly because culture never really crystalizes. It should be constantly monitored and adjusted, just as your program based on employee feedback.

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