Simplified eCommerce Customer Decision Making

How the eCommerce Customer Decision Making Process Works

To make data-driven decisions , you must first understand the customer’s decision-making process. This knowledge will allow you to tailor your services to each customer segment.

1. The customer recognizes that they have a problem that needs to be solved

A customer’s decision-making process starts when they realize that they have a problem. It could be as simple as a need for a new bat for the weekend or something more serious like a company that needs to move its entire eCommerce site to a different platform.

Both of these situations have one thing in common: the consumer must address a problem they are having by purchasing a product or service. Merchants who can anticipate when customers will recognize these issues can drive significant revenue increases. Consider the consumer packaged products industry (e.g., deodorant producers). Based on their product’s average life expectancy, some merchants can predict when customers will need to replenish their products. They can predict when it is time for customers to buy again and then advertise to them at just the right moment.

2. They are looking for a solution

Once they have identified the problem, consumers search for solutions. They then search the internet using search engines like Google and Bing to find the answer they seek. Word of mouth can help you build brand awareness and attract new customers. Merchants who use written product reviews and testimonials, as well as optimizing their website for search results, are guaranteed to increase brand awareness and reach people who are looking for similar products.

3. They evaluate alternative solutions

After consumers have a clear understanding of all options available, they can compare and contrast them. They will also compare quality and prices. Here is where product reviews really shine! You can also use product videos, how-to guides and photos from different angles to help you with product usage. Social proof such as awards or recognitions, as well as product demos, really make an impact on consumers at the top.

4. They make a decision

After considering all options, consumers can make a purchase decision. The best product addresses all their problems and solves their needs. Advertising and product popularity play a part in the customer decision-making process. A consultation is a good idea for service-based businesses. A well-designed loyalty program and free coupons or trials can help you convert more customers into paying customers.

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5. They evaluate their purchasing decisions

Customers evaluate the product after making a purchase decision. They then use the product to determine if it is worth the effort. We encourage merchants not to hide their return policy or follow up after customers have purchased. This will help avoid buyer’s regret and increase customer loyalty. To win back customers, provide tutorials, recipes and other relevant information about your product or service. It is a great way for customers to give feedback on their experience with the product and make sure they are satisfied.


Merchants need to understand the customer decision-making process when marketing and advertising. Knowing the mindset and behavior of your customers will help you to target them with your products at the right moment in their customer journey.

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