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How your competition is reducing CAC and nailing SEO with eCommerce content marketing

How your competition is reducing CAC and nailing SEO with eCommerce content marketing eCommerce has seen a boom in the last few years, as has the competition to get new customers. This has led to an increase in customer acquisition costs (CAC). However, eCommerce content marketing is a powerful tool that can help your online shop stand out […]

We created a custom product configurator using BigCommerce Stencil

Many home-improvement, remodeling and building businesses have difficulty building an eCommerce site that is optimized for user experience. Selling highly customizable products online requires an eCommerce platform and website that can sustain itself. Custom Product Configurator Using BigCommerce Stencil SS Industries is the parent company of White Shanty and the largest manufacturer of spiral stairways in the United States. Since […]

SEO Tools: The Best for 2021

You can only be the best if you use the best SEO tools. Understanding and leveraging the best SEO tools is key to a successful eCommerce SEO strategy. We’ve listed our top picks for keyword research and backlink information, from industry leaders to legacy eCommerce SEO tools. The Best SEO Tools for Free! Google Structured Data Testing Tool […]

Google Core Web Vitals goes into effect May 2021

Google released a Core Algorithm Update last year. It will be available in May 2021. Google’s internal and external research has shown that people prefer websites with great page experiences. Google Core Web Vitals will be ranked higher in search results due to this update. Google Core Web Vitals: The Basis Of The Update Google’s algorithm, which will be […]

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Must-Know Features

WooCommerce vs Shopify You’ll find many eCommerce merchants who share their honest opinions and detailed reviews when you search the internet for WooCommerce vs Shopify comparisons. Your chosen eCommerce platform will determine the success of your business, as all online merchants are aware. It is crucial to master eCommerce by doing your research and selecting the right platform. How […]

Choosing A Shopify Payment Gateway in 2022

eCommerce merchants should make sure they choose the right Shopify payment gateway. This decision can have a significant impact on customer experience and profit margins. Each payment gateway comes with its own set of challenges and benefits. Let’s first briefly define what a payment gateway before we get into the five listed payment gateways. Payment processors are commonly […]

The Best eCommerce Frameworks for Online Selling

What is an eCommerce Framework? It is common to confuse the eCommerce framework with the programming languages . HTML is the programming language used to create websites. It is widely used for publishing content online. These eCommerce frameworks are different from other programming languages because they sit above the base-level HTML. This blog will discuss the various eCommerce […]