Top 15 profitable eCommerce business ideas

Top 15 profitable eCommerce business ideas

It’s hard to find a job that you love more than being your boss, especially for those who want to get out of the 9-to-5 grind. It’s easier than ever to launch a professional eCommerce site. This makes business ownership more accessible. Knowing what you want and selling it to others is the first step to entrepreneurship. You may have a niche or industry in mind. It’s fine if you don’t have a specific industry or niche in mind. There are many industries that you can operate in, and there is still plenty of space for new businesses and brands to emerge, thanks to the meteoric rise of online shoppers over recent months.

Wix currently supports 700K+ eCommerce stores.

If you are still unsure what kind of business to start, here’s a list with 15 high-profitable eCommerce business ideas that you might find inspiration from.

15 profitable eCommerce ideas for entrepreneurs

This list of profitable business concepts will help you find your entrepreneurial spark.

01. Fashion products

Fashion is highly competitive but there are many niches and personal styles that make it a very interesting industry. You can create your own clothing line .

The global retail sales of footwear and apparel totaled 1.9 trillion USD in 2019, just in the US. Even if you are only able to capture a small portion of the profit pie, it is possible to still run a successful fashion company.

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Fashion has many business models. You have the option to hand-sew or create your own t-shirt company. You can also outsource production to print-on-demand services such as Printful or Printify. Or, turn to dropshipping providers like Modalyst for on-trend fashion apparel. You can either sell fair trade garments, resell vintage clothes, or mass-produce niche items like patches for backpacks.

Look to other brands for inspiration. Berties, which sells unisex heritage clothing inspired from traditional nautical styles worn on the coast of Yorkshire, England, is one example. Or Celia B, which sells high-quality clothing made with vibrant textiles and patterns that are inspired by different cultures.

You can also find Shop Fluffy selling hand-crocheted items that are “free spirits, wanderlusts, and sassy people.” Embroidered By Sam is a specialist in personalization, embroidering photo lines onto clothing. OwlKitty sells t-shirts and merchandise featuring its Insta-famous black cat.

A fashion business can be a great idea if you are creative and have an eye for fashion.

Get the best look for your fashion business with our fashion web templates.

02. Jewel products


Jewelry continues to thrive in large part because of social media.

The jewelry industry is valued at $229.3B in the US. A solid chunk of this comes from the online industry.

It’s an excellent business idea to look into if you are able to make your own unique pieces and have a keen eye for finding them.

You have many options when it comes to starting a jewelry company. Handcrafting exquisite jewelry, such as diamond engagement rings, or striking costume pieces can help customers improve their looks. You can source fashion jewelry to match the runway, or begin dropshipping items from international wholesalers and suppliers.

Clear and compelling imagery and videos will show off your pieces to the best effect. Customers can also find what they are looking for by categorizing collections or adding filters to narrow down their search. Multichannel sales are a popular way for jewelers to reach a larger audience. You can increase your sales by connecting more channels like Amazon and Etsy to your Wix Store up to 21%.

Inspired by Ian Charms, a handmade jewelry brand that sells child-like charm necklaces with colorful beads and trinkets, take inspiration. The Los Angeles-based female-owned business has a loyal Instagram following. Its popularity skyrocketed after influential stars such as Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa wore its custom pieces.

For a larger size, check out our accessories and jewelry templates .

03. Smart devices and electronic gadgets


Because of the ease and convenience they offer, smart devices and advanced electronics have been rapidly rising in popularity. It seems like everyone is embracing smart living. Doorbell cameras and Wi Fi-controlled thermostats are now standard. By 2027, the smart home industry is expected to exceed $79 billion.

A solid plan is to start an electronic business or smart device business using reliable technology and a great concept, especially if your competition doesn’t offer it.

You should have the technical skills to create and manufacture your product. Even if you don’t have the technical skills to design and manufacture your product, there are plenty of skilled workers who can help you bring your ideas to reality.

You can also source electronic materials from around the globe or sell refurbished products if you don’t wish to make your own product.

Social media can be used to reach your target audience and educate them about the great products you offer. Beagle Drones uses clean imagery, simple text, and stunning video footage to show off its products to maximum effect. Drone accessories and drones are gaining mainstream popularity. This makes them a good option. Drones are used by wedding photographers, real estate agents, and Instagram influencers to capture stunning images and videos that increase their business and bring in more customers.

Display your tech products using our electronic website templates .


04. Groceries

Customers locked down to their homes turned to eCommerce in 2020 for all of their shopping needs, including grocery shopping. Online grocery shopping opened up new perspectives for shoppers, who also discovered the world of specialty eCommerce grocery stores.

It’s important to identify the niche that will make you stand out when selling groceries online. This is often what customers need to buy food online rather than buying it from their local grocery store.

It is easy to start a grocery store by curating a selection of products that fit into a niche.

Potential niches include:

  • Sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, etc
  • Vegan or vegetarian
  • Locally grown
  • “Hand-batch made” even if it is not by you
  • Organic, sustainable or fair trade
  • Gourmet products such as handcrafted chocolates and unique jams or infused oils are all available.
  • You can send customized favor bags with your wedding favors.

Although it can be very rewarding to make your own products like sugar-free nutritional bars from scratch, it is worth noting that the entire process, including product development, manufacturing and labeling, can be quite lengthy.

Wix Merchants have made their mark in the food business with The Spice Suite who sells gourmet SpiceBoxes that allow home cooks to elevate their food, La Tapatia Tortilleria who sells a wide variety of traditional non-GMO tortillas and I Love Caviar who are purveyors at affordable prices of the finest caviar.

Dropshipping can be an option if you have curated goods to sell, but shipping times may be longer if your suppliers live far away. Find out more How to Start a Food Business.

Make an online store using our food- and drink website templates .


05. Beauty products

The beauty industry has seen a significant transformation in recent years. More niche markets are finally getting the support and attention they deserve.

There are many products available for people from different ethnicities. Organic beauty products for sensitive skin, sustainable beauty products for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and organic beauty products that can be used by those with sensitive skin.

Pretty Melanin, a Wix store with a unique niche, is an excellent example. It sells skincare made exclusively for black and brown-skinned ladies, using only high quality, natural, and organic ingredients.

You need to create unique products if you want to learn how you can start your own cosmetic line in an industry dominated by conglomerates. Even if your niche isn’t the most popular, you can still make a mark in a highly competitive market by offering unique products and exceptional customer service. Customers want easy application, vibrant colors and stand-out ingredients. You’ll be in great shape if you nail all three.

You might consider starting a beauty subscription company. House of Suppliez offers affordable monthly subscriptions of nails or lash beauty boxes. Subscribers delight customers and build loyalty. They also provide a steady monthly income for your business.

Make your business stand out with our beauty, wellness and website templates .

06. Products for babies and children

Parents who love their children will spend a lot of money on them. Selling children’s clothing, toys and accessories can be very lucrative. There are many niches that you could enter.

Because children outgrow their items so quickly, some parents place importance on affordability. Some parents will pay more for items made sustainably, of heirloom quality or for special occasions.

Maybe you have an idea for something new that will benefit parents and babies everywhere. Bonsie is a babywear company that promotes skin-toskin contact. Perhaps you’d like to create a unique collection of beautiful pieces that sell everything from decor for children’s bedrooms to wooden educational toys.

Parents know that word of mouth is an effective marketing tool. Share customer reviews and provide social proof through your digital channels to make your brand the talk of town.

Wix stores which add third-party review app see an average 10% rise in overall sales and average order value in the first 60 days.

Whatever track you choose to go in this market, your products will be a special part of a family’s formation if your website is easy to use by busy parents.

Get your business out there with our children and babies website templates .

07. Courses and educational materials

In 2019, there were 2.5 Million homeschooled kids in the US. This was before COVID-19, which allowed for more virtual learning and homeschooling.

Online courses and educational materials are in great demand. It’s not surprising. There are many areas to explore, whether it is parents searching for books and other educational tools, or educators searching for resources for science, math, or literacy education. You can also think outside of the box. You can get as much mileage out of kits teaching children about astronomy, cooking, and foreign languages as you would from a traditional math kit.

Dropshipping or selling physical books, educational coloring book or student kit with carefully curated supplies can help you create additional income streams.

Online education isn’t just for children. Adults around the globe have been able to find new hobbies and languages since the pandemic. The best digital products in this market are education apps and downloadable ebooks. Users want to be able to learn from any device at their convenience, no matter where they are located.

Many educational businesses were born out of a desire for sharing skills that can help others. A clear mission statement is essential for any business. Tools for Reading sells teaching materials for children’s literacy. They also offer professional development and training courses for teachers. You can also stand out by offering a new perspective on a topic, such as Hanson’s Anatomy which offers brightly illustrated study guides for medical, nursing, and science students.

Top marks in business using one of our online educational website templates .

08. Sustainability-focused brands

Sustainability-focused brands aren’t so much a single type of product as they are a classification of business, but there’s no way we could leave it off our list of profitable eCommerce business ideas.

The current trend is towards sustainability. A strong segment of users, including around 75% Millennials , are willing to pay more to support green brands.

People care about their environment and are launching a lot of sustainable, reusable and biodegradable products. Either you create products that help customers reduce their carbon footprint or you can make goods that are green and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t matter what your brand stands for, it can make a big difference to incorporate a sustainable philosophy into your brand.

You can take inspiration from Wix merchants such as Ruby Love who sell reusable underwear, Shampoo With a Purpose who strive to reduce plastic waste by selling shampoo in solid bars and Conscious who offer high-quality, beautiful swimwear made of recycled fabrics and plastics from the ocean.

Create a sustainable business using one of our 800+ templates .

09. Pet foods

Today’s pet owners love spending more on their pets than ever. The $99 million in revenue for the pet industry rose to $99,000,000 by 2020 . A strong eCommerce business idea is to find a niche in pet goods and curate related products.

Many eCommerce pet care brands are household names. This is a testament to how much people enjoy pampering their pets with thoughtfully-chosen treats, toys and cushy beds.

You could choose to go the practical route and source durable toys for hard chewers, supportive beds, and joint supplements for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. Or you might opt for fresh-smelling litter that your customers and cats love. You might opt for a fun, playful option such as pet kennels or decorated jackets that keep dogs warm in colder temperatures, or training hoops that keep your dog agile, fit, and healthy.

It is possible to design and produce a new product for pet owners or use your culinary skills to make delicious pet treats. Consider the niche that is most underserved, and then target it.

Instachew stands out among the rest, selling innovative, practical and smart pet products that will delight owners as well as their pets. Instachew Smart pet feeder is their flagship product. (Pet Food for Thought!

One of our templates for pets and animals can help you start a profitable pet business.

10. Products for weddings

Although most wedding shoppers still do their majority of their shopping in person with vendors, things are changing. In many ways, the wedding industry has moved more towards digital commerce (as you will have seen if you recently purchased off a registry).

You can sell so many products for weddings online.

  • Signage for your wedding
  • Candles, centerpieces and tablecloths
  • Unique guest books
  • Fresh or silk cut flowers
  • Handmade wedding dresses
  • Hair accessories and veils
  • Jewellery
  • Suits and bow ties
  • You can exchange gifts with the couple, such as “kits to the groom” that include socks, a hip flask, and a handkerchief.
  • Favors for wedding guests
  • Cake toppers customized
  • There are so many to choose from!

If you are organized and can work well under pressure, you might even be able to offer virtual wedding planning services.

In an attempt to reach a larger market, some eCommerce companies cater to the whole wedding experience, from engagement to honeymoon. Box and bow sell gift boxes for brides and groomsmaids, as well as custom-carved proposal boxes for those who wish to express their love in a creative way.

Instagram and Pinterest will be your best friends if you want to break into the wedding niche. Make sure your photos and visuals are sharp. Even if you aren’t focusing on online weddings, attending local events can help you promote your products, capture interest, and connect with other vendors.

Search our Wedding Website Templates to find your perfect match.

11. Businesses that subscribe to subscription boxes

If you have great products and believe they are ideal for repeat sales, you might consider how do I start a subscription box company. Subscriptions are great gifts and can be beneficial to both the customer and the business.

You can subscribe to a subscription box that contains everything you need: socks, clothes, chocolate, pet toys and coffee, as well as luxury goods like makeup, home decor, meals, produce, and puzzles.

Beacon Book Box shows how a subscription box company can be successful in a niche. It offers three types of monthly subscriptions to Young Adult fiction fans. Divinia Water offers a 1-3 month subscription option for their premium bottled water. Smith Street Coffee Roasters have joined the growing coffee aficionados by offering a Roaster’s Choice Coffee Club subscription. Do you think you might have a better idea than these brands? There are no limits to your imagination.

Start your subscription box business using one of our templates designed by us.

12. Furniture and home decor

Customers search for years for the right coffee table, rug, or painting. If they can’t find it in-person, they look online.

There are many opportunities to make your passions and talents into an eCommerce company, whether you are a carpenter or a furniture designer.

You can either design, source, and manufacture your unique products, or you can use a supplier such as Modalyst, which allows you to dropship beautiful handmade ceramics, linens and other home decor items from around the globe, without having to store them and ship them yourself. To reproduce stunning artwork, artists, photographers, and designers can start a home decor eCommerce company using print on demand companies such as Printerify and Printful.

Kaekoo, a well-known eCommerce site in the home decor category, sells a wide range of handcrafted and thoughtfully sourced home goods. To instantly set the mood for the products, the company uses neutral colors and stylized imagery of lush furniture on their Wix website.

Create the perfect atmosphere for your products with our decor website templates

13. CBD products

Over the last few years, CBD has made waves in the wellness and health industry. There are many CBD products available, including lotions, drops, and teas. CBD has become the most popular ingredient in skincare and nutritional gummy bears. It is even sold in US grocery stores.

How to Sell CBD Online You will need to do a lot of research before you source or create any products.

A great way to attract customers is to offer high-quality CBD products with a specific USP, such as CBD balm for muscle pain and CBD treats for pets.

There are many things you need to remember if you want to market CBD . These include compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, FDA guidelines and strict marketing and copywriting rules. A payment provider that connects with CBD-derived CBD products and merchants will also be required. You can find out more and contact a lawyer if there are any questions.

Go Green Hemp sells a variety of CBD products online. Their website is used to inform and educate customers about CBD. They also share detailed lab test results that verify the purity and potency each batch.

To build your business, use one of our CBD site templates

14. Products for women’s health

Pink tax has always been associated with women’s products, but it does not always reflect the quality of the product. The rise of quality-first brands in women’s care is rapid.

There are many new brands emerging in every category. These include vitamins and supplements designed for women and girls, hair tools and accessories, facial skincare products, shapewear that is size- and color-inclusive, as well as electrical gadgets. What is your USP? What problem are you trying to solve? How can you make it more effective than the existing products?

Wix Merchants are solving problems for women around the globe. Ruby Love is a brand that sells quality, leak-proof underwear. Nuolo Wigs UK sells natural looking wigs to women who have lost their hair. Fertilix specializes in providing prenatal nutritional supplements to help women achieve optimal reproductive health.

Our templates will help you bring your women’s healthcare business to life.

15. Products for mental health and well-being

Everyone should make mental health care a priority. Today, more people are willing to try new ways of self-care.

Online, items such as weighted blankets and calming teas, natural oils diffusers, acupressure pads, light therapy lamps, meditation apps, and natural oil diffusers are performing well. This is because younger generations are more focused on their mental health.

Sootheze is a great example a company that sells high-quality, high-quality wellness products. It offers microwavable and weighted products as well as aromatherapy products such as blankets, wraps, and stuffed teddy bears to reduce anxiety.

Your professional endorsements and credentials will make a difference if you want to enter this industry. You should, like Sootheze said, explain how a product works and what it does for the body. Every claim should be supported by scientific evidence. This information can help boost trust and sales by highlighting it prominently. Create a business that makes an impact with our templates.

How do you choose the right eCommerce business ideas

We just looked at 15 eCommerce business ideas that could all bring high levels of success and profit.

Consider the following when deciding on a business idea.

  • What interests you and what are your skills? If you are passionate about fine jewelry, but don’t know the difference between a CZ and a diamond, it will take you longer to learn or you may need to hire an expert to help you get started. Think about your passions, what you are knowledgeable about or have experience in, and then brainstorm potential business opportunities.
  • What are you using your startup funds? All businesses are not created equal. Print on demand t-shirt businesses are much cheaper to start than the funds required to manufacture and design a smart home device. It is possible to bootstrap a business, but it is important to know that you have the funds or can get them.
  • Which problems can your product solve? Perhaps you are frustrated that there isn’t a good product for your pet, or you simply don’t know where to get one. You take on the challenge of building that brand. No matter what your idea is, it’s a great place to start.
  • What industry trends are you seeing? How does the market you choose look? Are there many competitors in the industry that you are interested? Are there others doing the exact same thing you are looking for? It’s important to consider competition when setting up an eCommerce business. But don’t let that stop you. It might take you longer to establish a business and start to make profits. However, if your product or idea is great, don’t let it go just because there may be stiff competition. It is up to you to make your mark with marketing, branding and a beautiful eCommerce site.


Start a business using a robust eCommerce platform

Many people are driven and ambitious but don’t know what they want to do. If you are willing to work hard, these 15 eCommerce business ideas have the potential to become profitable. It can be tempting just to jump in with both feet and take on an idea, but research and planning are essential.


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