We created a custom product configurator using BigCommerce Stencil

Many home-improvement, remodeling and building businesses have difficulty building an eCommerce site that is optimized for user experience. Selling highly customizable products online requires an eCommerce platform and website that can sustain itself.

Custom Product Configurator Using BigCommerce Stencil

SS Industries is the parent company of White Shanty and the largest manufacturer of spiral stairways in the United States. Since over 10 years, the company has been a major provider of building materials and recently expanded into sliding barn doors as well as hardware.

Groove Commerce was contacted by SS Industries late last spring to help them with one of their three locations. Our team devised a solution that would best suit their business needs.

The Problem

Complex product configurations are required

SS Industries initially needed help with the and design pages of their White Shanty site, which was hosted by WooCommerce. Each order from White Shanty is unique because it builds and sells custom-crafted barns and interior doors. It is possible to order a door that was never built before.

Because the doors can be customized so many components are needed to build them. Customers can choose to customize the height and width of their door in inches, as well as the color and barn door hardware.

White Shanty was unable to sustain the WooCommerce website, which allowed customers to place online orders. Complex products, which require multiple configurations, are not supported by WooCommerce. This can increase the product’s price.

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Negative user experience

White Shanty’s old website was very messy and difficult for users to use on the front-end. Many people quit half way through the order process because of the poor user experience.

Not only was the front-end user interface a mess, but so was the back-end. The back-end was where products were set up to create orders and process them. It wasn’t properly set up. The company’s back-end setup of product configurators was incorrect. It was basically hacked to allow for orders to be processed.

The Solution

Migrate To BigCommerce Stencil

The White Shanty website was migrated to BigCommerce Stencil. It is now hosted on WooCommerce. BigCommerce Stencil is able to accommodate complex product configurations with production options and modifiables much better than WooCommerce. White Shanty’s back-end catalog management was made easier by this.

Custom eCommerce Product Configurator

Groove Commerce used our BigCommerce Stencil expertise in order to simplify the process of creating a custom door online. Instead of asking customers 12 questions, we have grouped the configuration steps so that they only need to answer 3 questions.

We also created a product configurator to allow customers to customize their barn doors online. The updated website now includes all the information you need to customize a barn door, including height, width and color.

Customers can easily access the website to view and order a White Shanty White Shanty door.



The Results

The company was able to see the following results after launching the White Shanty website:

  • 74% increase in eCommerce conversion rates
  • Transactions increase by 205%
  • Website sessions increase 75%
  • Revenues increased by 410%

The performance of White Shanty was well received by the SS Industries team, so they hired Groove Commerce to help launch Mylen Stairs.


“… We are grateful for everything you did for me and my team during the White Shanty Project. Groove was a high-profile project and you delivered on our expectations. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

– Reece O’Neill, SS Industries

source https://www.groovecommerce.com/ecommerce-blog/product-configurator/

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