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Five ways to entice teens this black friday sales season

As the Black Friday sales season approaches, businesses are gearing up to attract one of the most influential consumer groups: teens. With their strong influence over family spending and tech-savvy nature, appealing to this demographic is essential for a successful shopping season. In this post, we’ll explore five effective strategies to capture the attention of […]

10 Popular Wholesale Business Examples

With the digitalization of the world, the way businesses interact and trade with each other has significantly changed. Wholesaling is making it easier for businesses to enjoy the convenience of getting the products they need at reasonable prices and optimizing their performance. In this article, we are sharing a list of 10 popular wholesale business examples with outstanding omnichannel experiences. […]

What you should be aware of when it comes to point of sale Swipe machine

A swipe machine is an important part of the checkout process, especially in today’s cashless culture. In combination with POS systems, swipe machines can support businesses in numerous ways. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about a POS swipe machine. Topics we will cover are the definition, operations and benefits of […]

How to make a business plan for an eCommerce company that is legally compliant

How to make a business plan for an eCommerce company that is legally compliant Many businesses are founded on a dream, passion or noble goal to solve a problem that is not solved. Unfortunately, many businesses fail within a matter of months. The sad truth about eCommerce is that 90% fail within the first 120 days. It suffices […]