Stackla’s Managed Services help brands without enough time for a UGC Strategy

Stackla’s Managed Services help brands without enough time for a UGC Strategy

Many companies recognize the immense value user-generated material (UGC) can bring to their brand. Marketing teams today face many challenges due to the speed and demands of modern marketing.

Building and maintaining a successful UGC strategy requires a lot of thought, time and resources. The leading UGC marketing platforms like Stackla help automate and streamline the discovery of, curation, management and tracking, as well as publishing user-generated content. It still needs to be managed as any other marketing tool. UGC is by its very nature cannot be’set it & forget it’ program for brands. Marketers must maintain their UGC in order to be successful. This is often more difficult than it sounds.

Stackla is committed to ensuring that all brands we work with achieve their UGC goals. We noticed that many marketing teams, especially post-COVID, were lacking the resources and time needed to implement their UGC strategies. So we introduced Managed Services to all Stackla customers.

What are Stackla’s Managed Services and what do they offer?

Stackla’s Managed Service is designed to increase the capabilities of busy marketing departments, while saving time and resources. We provide the support of UGC experts in-house.

Our Managed Services Consultants can help you manage your Stackla environment and ensure that your UGC stays relevant, effective, and in line with your marketing goals. Our team will help you set up the parameters for choosing the right UGC. We also assist in publishing that content across your marketing channels.

Here are the Managed Services offered by Stackla:

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Implementation and Configuration

  • General stack management and administration – We monitor the day-to-day management of your UGCs and stacks within Stackla in order to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Creation UGC discovery terms We create the key terms (mentions and hashtags, keywords and locations, etc.). So that content discovery can be simplified, we will identify the most relevant terms to your UGC strategy.
  • Tagging structure – Organizing UGCs is easy with our structure of tagging. We also set up automated workflows within Stackla.
  • Setting up publishing touchpoints All marketing channels that you wish to use UGC in (emails, ads, social media, etc.). Setup will be made to publish approved visuals.
  • Set up analytics and manage reporting We help you to analyze the performance of your UGC campaigns over time using regular reports.

Moderation & Curation

  • UGC curation workflows We’ll set everything up so that you can efficiently curate the content that you want and not what you don’t.
  • UGC content moderation to align with the customer’s branding guidelines We evaluate your brand’s requirements and content guidelines so that we can continuously moderate content that best represents your brand and goals.
  • Management and sending of rights requests We can help you establish your rights management messaging, workflows, and send out rights requests for your brand based on your guidelines and UGC best practice.

Organic Influencers

  • Community creation We will work with you to build your brand’s creator community.
  • Outreach – We will identify the most influential people in your brand community, and invite them to join our advocate program.
  • You’ll be kept informed about how your brand community is developing, what content they are creating and how members interact with you brand.

Customers’ comments

Fjord Tours

Norwegian travel company Fjord Tourisms has had success with Stackla’s Managed Services. Fjord Tours set out to increase their asset library, improve engagement, and convert more visitors to their website. They quickly achieved their UGC goals. Fjord Tours already has over 825 assets rights approved. They have also published more than 55 UGC galleries on their website. Fjord Tours also created 31 product tags that link UGC to specific products. Fjord Tours also implemented 70 automation rules to optimize future actions within Stackla.

“Without the Managed Services Stackla provided, our team wouldn’t have been able to devote the necessary time and effort to implement a comprehensive UGC strategy. Managed Services made it easy to create a rich library of authentic customer content and use that visual social proof for engagement on our website. “We’ve been able show the more authentic, inspirational side to the business without having to have our team spread too thin. And, most importantly, our audiences love the content!” Bo Vibe (Head of Digital Marketing at Fjord Tours)

How do I get started with MS?

We have developed a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure that customers get the best Managed Services experience. It is tailored to your business’s needs. Our Managed Services consultants will work with your team to set goals, establish expectations, create guidelines, and meet milestones. This will help increase and scale your UGC strategy’s ROI.

Here’s what you can expect during our Managed Services Onboarding process.

All of these processes and steps will be reviewed and approved by your team before our experts begin the work of making your UGC work better for you.

Reach out to your customer success manager to get started on a Managed Services engagement.


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