What Should You Do If You Are Experiencing POS Issues?

The Point of Sale (POS) system has become a vital part of every retail business around the world. However, in the worst-case scenario, the software might suffer a breakdown. Major problems might occur like not being able to accept payments, which is what keeps a business xqsailing. Retailers need to know what to do when your POS system crashes so customers don’t head out with frustration. Following are some tips for dealing with POS issues when the unexpected arises.

Check the power plug-in & breaker

One of the most primary reasons that cause POS issues is a cord being accidentally pulled between purchases. So make sure to check the plug-in first. If the plug is okay, you can assign one employee to monitor the POS while another one goes to check the breaker since it can automatically switch off due to high electric intensity.

pos terminal

Restart the POS terminal

The next thing you need to do is to restart the POS terminal. Like any other electric device, restarting the entire system can wipe away most issues and start up fresh. This, however, will take some time to carry out, so stay calm and try to put your customers at ease. If the POS system still doesn’t work after being restarted, there might be a bigger problem that would need professional support.

Move to manual mode

When your POS is suddenly going off, there is no other choice but to switch to the traditional workflow to manually conduct transactions. For that reason, staff members will need to prepare a calculator to calculate orders, a swipe card reader, and a guest book to note down customer information in case of an emergency.

manual mode

Notify third-party partners

The POS not working means all of your orders will have to be postponed since the inventory isn’t synchronized automatically. Therefore, some products might be out-of-stock during the system collapse, resulting in inaccurate stock in the inventory system. That’s why merchants have to notify third-party partners such as delivery providers or package services to temporarily delay delivering or packing existing orders.

Contact the provider

Depending on the severity and technical level needed for the issue, the business should consider contacting the POS provider. They will be able to support you with any issues you have to quickly get your POS system back on track. Have the phone number readily available near the POS terminal in case the system does go down to get in touch fast.

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High-quality customer support is one of the most valuable services a POS provider can offer you, especially 24/7 support. Having a POS that delivers professional emergency support will save you a lot of time from your daily operations and reduce unwanted POS issues.

Final words

When your POS system crashes, it is difficult to know exactly what the problem is. Make sure to try out all the tips above in order to quickly solve your POS issues. We hope this article will help you become more prepared when encountering this type of situation.

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