Top 10 Companies Investing In NFT

Top 10 Companies Investing In NFT


The term NFTs is a common term in the investment and tech worlds. Non-fungible tokens , also known as NFTs , are unique assets that provide proof of ownership of digital resources. Many buy NFTs that are associated with a particular community, such PFP or the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. However, the valuation of specific NFTs is drawing attention to the largest NFT companies at the moment.

OpenSea and Rarible have seen a rise in popularity, as well as many other NFT markets that are being used by startups. Many other large companies are also involved in NFT-based initiatives. Which are the best NFT stocks right now to invest in? This discussion will help you to find the answer, along with an overview of the largest companies that invest in NFTs.

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The Basic Explanation of NFTs



NFTs can be used to represent almost any physical or digital asset. They are distinct and unique digital assets. The fact that “non-fungible tokens” are not interchangeable is another important feature. An NFT that pertains to a particular asset is owned by the owner. This means that the asset’s sole and only rightful owner is the owner.

The blockchain stores information about NFT ownership, which is why it cannot be altered. Discussions about the top companies investing in NFT are gaining momentum largely because of the wide range of assets they can represent. NFTs could be used to own almost all assets in both the digital and physical domains. Anything can be converted into NFTs including music, digital artworks, video clips and real estate.

NFTs are a very popular choice

You must be interested in the popularity of NFTs if you want to know more about the top tech companies investing in them. In 2014, cryptocurrency was the first non-fungible token to arrive. This opened up new opportunities for digital asset investments. Their classification as digital art has driven the popularity of NFTs.

This involves creating a digital copy of a piece or artwork, and using blockchain technology for generating a unique code. NFTs can also be guaranteed cryptographic security that is based on blockchain foundations. NFTs are a viable investment tool because they provide proof of ownership and control over specific NFTs.

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NFT investment companies have been popular because of the high prices they fetch. Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million. A digital artwork NFT sold for almost $69million in an auction. Memes aren’t the only thing that can be sold. The original “Doge” meme was sold for $4 million in an NFT.

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Should You Invest in NFTs?

NFTs became extremely popular in a short time and many brands have jumped on the bandwagon for various reasons. Which companies are investing in NFTs? In fact, it is worth asking the question of what motivates companies to invest into NFTs. Why do brands want to invest in NFTs? There are obvious reasons why brands want to capitalize on new markets and develop new strategies for marketing their products.

NFTs are a key component of digital collectibles. Recently, brand NFTs gained momentum. NFTs have been associated with some of the biggest brands, such as McDonald’s, Nike and Taco Bell. It is not unreasonable to expect promising outcomes from investments in NFTs, with big brands jumping on the NFT trend.

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Top Companies That Invest in NFTs

To understand why businesses are adopting NFTs, it is important to discuss the top companies that invest in NFT. Many people believed that NFT would fade slowly, as the NFT wildfire spread across the globe. The attributes of NFTs, and their value proposition, have made them one the most important instruments in defining the future. Here’s a list of top brands that have invested in NFTs.

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1. Adidas


Adidas is the first brand to be mentioned in discussions about NFT companies with the most popularity would be Adidas. Adidas was the first to introduce NFT drops with physical and digital products. It also partnered up with some of the most prominent names in NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club. Adidas NFTs provided access to virtual wearables on the Sandbox and Metaverse platforms. Buyers also received a tracksuit, hoodie and iconic beanie. The brand has also purchased an Indigo Herz BAYC NFT. Adidas also collaborated with Prada to create an NFT project in January 2022.

2. eBay

eBay is the next most prominent NFT stock to consider investing in. It’s a household brand that is very popular. Customers can buy and sell NFTs through eBay. In June, the company also purchased KnownOrigin , a popular NFT market . The creation of a unique group of NFTs is another interesting aspect of eBay’s NFT initiatives. One of eBay’s greatest strengths is its ability to adapt to changing markets and respond to them.

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3. Shopify


Shopify is another ecommerce giant that has been exploring NFTs. Shopify is a top tech firm investing in NFT due to its large user base. Shopify’s president recently tweeted about NFTs, resulting in a 19% increase in stock prices. The speculations surrounding the news caused the stock to grow but it did not last. Shopify’s beta testing of the NFT program shows promising prospects for investors. Shopify’s beta NFT program allows you to sell NFTs from your stores.

4. McDonald’s


McDonald’s is the most popular answer to the question “What companies invest in NFT?” within food and beverage sector. McDonald’s has made NFTs a priority by launching its first NFT on November 2021. McDonald’s launched a limited-edition McRib NFTs in celebration of its 40th anniversary. This was done to celebrate the return of the McRib limited edition back on the company’s menu. Fast food chain McRib issued approximately 10 MCNFTs that included a virtual art collection.

McRib’s MCNFTs were used to signify the excitement it creates, even for a limited return. It is interesting to note that McDonald’s used NFTs in order to create a feeling of scarcity for a physical product. This NFT-based promotion is a great example of innovation and will set the standard for the future. Who was the lucky recipient of the limited-edition MCNFTs in 10 different editions?

Only those who retweeted and liked the invitation were eligible. Surprisingly the number of people who retweeted invitations grew to nearly 21,000 in just a few hours. The number of people who retweeted the invitation jumped to almost 21,000 by the end of 2022. McDonald’s is a top company investing in NFT marketing.

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5. Coca Cola


Coca Cola is a major NFT investor company that has recently entered the NFT market. In 2021, the beverage company launched its first NFT collection and in 2022 it has introduced new NFT collectibles. The company released 136 NFTs to celebrate Pride Month in July 2022, and a new set of NFTs in Aug 2022 to commemorate International Friendship Day. These NFTs will allow Coca Cola to explore new avenues for growth in the rapidly changing metaverse.

The soft drink company created its first NFT collection, a single “lootbox” that could be auctioned on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace. The Special Olympics International received proceeds from the auction of Coca Cola NFTs. One of the most striking aspects of the Coca Cola NFTs was the creative incorporation within the metaverse of iconic brand assets.

6. Samsung


Samsung would be included on the list of tech companies investing in NFT. Samsung announced plans to include NFT support into its 2022 TV line-up. Samsung stressed the importance of NFTs, and the need to find solutions to adapt to changing viewing and buying habits. Samsung plans to introduce the first NFT explorer for TV screens. This would also act as a marketplace aggregator.

Samsung also plans to make it possible for creators to share their work with the world. You can also view the blockchain metadata and learn about their history before you buy them. Samsung also purchased a virtual world 837X Decentraland metaverse which opens up new possibilities for interaction with NFTs.

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7. Nike

Nike is a pioneer among the top companies that invest in NFT. They acquired RTFKT Studios, an NFT creator studio. Nike recently launched Cryptokicks, a virtual sneaker collection that features around 20,000 NFTs. The Nike Cryptokicks NFT collection drew a lot of attention because it capitalized on the element personalization and curiosity. RTFKT first released NFTs of a mysterious package, called MNLTH. It featured the RTFKT and Nike logos. Nearly 8100 NFT owners from previous RTFKT collections received MNLTH at no additional cost.

The MNLTH boxes were also put on sale by OpenSea at a cost of just 5 ETH. Nike announced in April that MNLTH owners would be able to connect their crypto wallet with the RTFKT website to open the boxes. Each box contained an image of the Nike Duck Genesis Cryptokick, which is a basketball shoe. It also included a virtual skin vial. The sneaker’s appearance can be customized using the virtual skin vial. Nike can use sneaker NFTs to establish a strong presence in the futurity of blockchain, and metaverse futurity.

8. Formula 1


Formula 1 and F1 must not ignore the potential with NFTs at a moment when many brands are getting on board the NFT train. NFT stocks can be found across many other sectors of the F1 industry. Ferrari recently stated that it is exploring all options for the NFT market. Other F1 teams, such as Alfa Romeo, have also made significant contributions to the NFT market. Alfa Romeo created a limited edition NFT in collaboration with Socios. It was also available as NFTs to sign souvenirs from the Brazilian Grand Prix 2021.

Red Bull is another F1 team that joined the race for NFTs. In collaboration with Sweet, an American NFT platform, Red Bull launched a variety of NFTs . Red Bull sells NFTs that represent three-dimensional models of cars and helmets as well as cards and overalls. McLaren also uses Sweet to launch their McLaren Racing Collective. This allows customers to buy individual digital components that can be used in building a complete car.

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9. Prada


In recent years, many luxury brands have emerged as top NFT investment firms with exciting NFT projects. Prada, like Gucci and Balenciaga has joined the trend of luxury fashion companies launching NFT collections. Prada will launch around 100 Ethereum NFTs in June 2022. These will be used in conjunction with the Timecapsule collection, which was introduced by the luxury brand December 2019.

Timecapsule purchasers would be eligible for a free NFT airdrop on items purchased from Prada’s latest collection. The serial number of the drop is referenced by the NFTs, which are basically a GIF representation of the black or the white pill capsule. The NFTs from Prada also include a number that is related to physical apparel items.

10. Ticketmaster


Ticketmaster is also worthy of a spot among the top NFT stocks that you can invest in due to its potential expansion. Ticketmaster’s good news is that it already plays an active role in NFTs. The partnership between Ticketmaster and NFL allows the platform mint additional NFTs for different non-fictional games through the Ticketmaster marketplace. Ticketmaster is heavily dependent on NFTs and other ticketing functions.

Ticketmaster’s NFT reputation was also a highlight in the purchase of NFT ticket startup. The job advertisement for NFT product manager shows the active involvement of the platform in NFTs. Ticketmaster recently published an advertisement for a product manager to oversee NFT ticketing tooling.

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Final Words

This list of top companies that invest in NFT shows how non-fungible tokens can help to shape the future. NFTs are being used by McDonald’s and Burger King to improve their marketing strategies. NFTs are being used by companies like Adidas to create new customer experiences. Tech firms such as Jiayin Group and Samsung are working to improve NFT technology.

NFTs have also caused a lot of competition regarding how unique brands can use non-fungible tokens. There is a lot of uncertainty about NFT stocks due to the constant evolution of NFTs, and their application in different use cases. Before investing in stocks, it is important to be cautious and do your research. Find out more about NFTs, and get involved in the tech revolution.


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